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The Tacoma home inspector at PNW Home Inspections will help you protect your investment

Before buying a home, it's imperative that you protect your investment with help from an experienced Tacoma home inspector. A qualified Tacoma home inspection professional will determine the overall condition of the home, so that you don't make an ill advised purchase.

When you work with our Tacoma home inspection team, you don't have to worry about the integrity of your new home. Your PNW Tacoma home inspector will confirm the condition of critical home components including electrical wiring, foundation, plumbing, and the roof.

You hire a professional Tacoma home inspector for one reason – to protect your investment. This means they must be able to identify problems that could lead to expensive home repairs or cause buyer/seller negotiations to fail. Best of all, your Tacoma home inspection is fully guaranteed.

The Tacoma home inspection team at PNW understand this important role, so we protect your interests by backing up our work with a comprehensive array of customer protections. Keep reading below for more information, or contact our Tacoma home inspection office to schedule an appointment.

Comprehensive Tacoma home inspections that protect your investment

  • Our proprietary AirView™ Process uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure the integrity of
    your roof inspection.
  • Every home inspection includes a 90-day Warranty and 100% Money Back Guarantee .
  • Contact a professional Tacoma home inspector whether you're buying or selling.

We protect your investment by backing up the quality of our work

If you hire a reputable Tacoma home inspector, they should be willing to back up their work. Take a look at our comprehensive list of customer protections and see for yourself why we are the home inspection company of choice for so many Tacoma homeowners.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 90-day Inspection Warranty
  • 24 Hour Reporting
  • SewerGard (90-day protection)
  • MoldSafe (90-day protection)
  • AirView™ Roof Inspection
Our proprietary AirView™ Roof Inspection Process gives us your Tacoma home inspector and distinct edge over other inspection teams by using cutting edge tech to ensure the integrity of your home's roof. It's well known that roof problems often go unnoticed during Tacoma home inspections, which can cost you a fortune down the line.

Learn more about this process by contacting us to schedule your Tacoma home inspection today.

Tacoma Tidbits

Tacoma, initially called Takhoma or Tahoma, was named after the nearby Mount Rainier. It is locally known as City of Destiny as the area was chosen to be the western end of the Northern Pacific Railroad.

The port city of Tacoma is the county seat of Pierce County, Washington. Located on the banks of Puget Sound, Tacoma is the 3rd biggest city in Washington. It is just 32 miles away from Seattle, and 31 miles away from Olympia. As the city is located in a remarkably beautiful setting, Tacoma is elevated on a plateau and is mounted with green hills. To its west side, you will find the entirety of Puget Sound. The Olympic Mountains is on its northwest. Dominating its southeast, you will see the snowcapped Mount Rainier.

The citys port operates large public marine terminals with berthing capacity for several ships. This gives way for several ships to transport back and forth to the city. Incoming ships and outbound vessels bring logs, lumber, copper, wheat, lumber, plywood, aluminum, and chemical products from eastern Washington. As the city continues to progress and produce lumber, furniture, paper, it has earned the title "Forest Products Capital of America." Because Tacoma a near Ruston, a company town that processes refined copper, Tacoma became recognized as a major chemical-processing center of the Pacific Northwest.

As for the city's parks and recreation services, Tacoma's Metro Parks manages more than 50 parks and open spaces. One of the biggest city parks in the U.S. is found in Tacoma. Point Defiance Park, a 700-acre property, is vibrant, is a known public spot to socialize with friends, enjoy the scenery, dine at different food kiosks, and even learn about Tacoma's history.

Another favorite is the 5 Mile Drive & Trails. If you head to 5400 N Pearl Street, you will enjoy various outdoor activities, parks, and trails. You won't need to travel to different places because you will be to visit all these: such as Owen Beach, Fort Nisqually, and the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.

Fort Nisqually is included in the U.S. National Register of Historic Places. It used to be a place for fur trading. Now, it is a living history museum. Fort Nisqually's The Granary, built in 1843, is considered a U.S. National Historic Landmark. It is the oldest structure in the state of Washington.

The Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is maintained and owned by Metro Parks Tacoma. PDZA is located on 29-acre property, and houses more than 9,000 specimens. In 1905, the zoo came first, and the aquarium followed in 1935. Major attractions include Kid's Zone, Asian Forest Sanctuary, and many more. In 2015, it was reported to have 732,000 annual visitors.

Within Tacoma, there's also a popular garden called Wright Park. It is the of local festivals such as Ethnic Fest, Out in the Park or Tacomas Pride Festival and the Tacoma Hempfest. Another large park in Tacoma is the Wapato Park, which has a lake. Around the park's lake, there are walking trails.

Tacoma is also known for its Museum of Glass. The museum features the works of renowned glass artist, Dale Chihuly. In the same museum, you will also find the iconic and most recognizable structure in Tacoma. You can watch live glass demos at the Hot Shop, and witness how the artists make works of art.