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The Kent home inspector at PNW Home Inspections will help you protect your investment

Before buying a home, it's imperative that you protect your investment with help from an experienced Kent home inspector. A qualified Kent home inspection professional will determine the overall condition of the home, so that you don't make an ill advised purchase.

When you work with our Kent home inspection team, you don't have to worry about the integrity of your new home. Your PNW Kent home inspector will confirm the condition of critical home components including electrical wiring, foundation, plumbing, and the roof.

You hire a professional Kent home inspector for one reason – to protect your investment. This means they must be able to identify problems that could lead to expensive home repairs or cause buyer/seller negotiations to fail. Best of all, your Kent home inspection is fully guaranteed.

The Kent home inspection team at PNW understand this important role, so we protect your interests by backing up our work with a comprehensive array of customer protections. Keep reading below for more information, or contact our Kent home inspection office to schedule an appointment.

Comprehensive Kent home inspections that protect your investment

  • Our proprietary AirView™ Process uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure the integrity of
    your roof inspection.
  • Every home inspection includes a 90-day Warranty and 100% Money Back Guarantee .
  • Contact a professional Kent home inspector whether you're buying or selling.

We protect your investment by backing up the quality of our work

If you hire a reputable Kent home inspector, they should be willing to back up their work. Take a look at our comprehensive list of customer protections and see for yourself why we are the home inspection company of choice for so many Kent homeowners.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 90-day Inspection Warranty
  • 24 Hour Reporting
  • SewerGard (90-day protection)
  • MoldSafe (90-day protection)
  • AirView™ Roof Inspection
Our proprietary AirView™ Roof Inspection Process gives us your Kent home inspector and distinct edge over other inspection teams by using cutting edge tech to ensure the integrity of your home's roof. It's well known that roof problems often go unnoticed during Kent home inspections, which can cost you a fortune down the line.

Learn more about this process by contacting us to schedule your Kent home inspection today.

Kent Tidbits

Seattle is the oldest city in King County, and the next line is Kent. The city lies in the middle of the Seattle metropolitan area. Kent's 2010 population was 92,411. As of July 1, 2017, the population grew to 128,458 residents, making it the 6th biggest city in Washington.

Kent's first recorded settler was a man named Samuel Russell. He claimed an area near downtown Kent in 1853. Soon, other people followed and immediately claimed various properties. The settlement area became "White River." Later, the town was renamed to "Titusville" after James Henry Titus. If you go to Gowe Street, you can still see a sign which reads "Titusville Station."

In 1861, the town's post office was built on the farm of David and Irena Neely. In 1870, the population was recorded to be 277 residents. By this time, all the premier lots and properties were already claimed. From the 1860s up to the 1870s, farming is the primary livelihood.

Residents were planting grains for their food supply like wheat, barley, and oats. The people also allocated food for their horses and bovines. Timothy-grass, or simply timothy, became the main source of hay and cattle fodder.

Aside from those crops, the town discovered adding hops to the list be economically beneficial. Because there was an aphid invasion in Europe, the hops in Titusville became a rare commodity. The prices went up and the hops were shipped everywhere.

The town got a new name in 1889. It now became Kent, named after England's main hops-producing region. Sadly, the lucrative business ended when the aphids reached the growing town of Kent in 1891. On May 28, 1890, Kent officially became King County's second city. At that time, the newly incorporated city had a population of 793 residents.

After the aphids' infestation, Kent moved on and shifted to dairy farming instead. It became the headquarters of the famous condensed milk brand, Carnation. Soon, flooding became a huge problem. Flooding continued to be the city's major dilemma until the Howard A. Hanson Dam was constructed in 1962.

Kent was dubbed as the "Lettuce Capital of the World." The city grew 12 times bigger between the years 1953 to 1960. In 1965, The Boeing Company constructed an office building in Kent. More transportation and aerospace companies followed after.

Throughout the world, The Boeing Company is known for designing and manufacturing airplanes, rockets, missiles, and satellites. Aside from selling these equipments, Boeing also provides leasing, commercial services, and government services.

In 1992, in order to promote the city's rich history, the Greater Kent Historical Society was established. The City of Kent also bought properties with significant cultural and historical value like the Bereiter House.

The house was owned by Kent's former mayor. Now, it is the location of the Kent Historical Museum. The Bereiter House is at 855 East Smith Street. It used to have a gazebo and an orchard, but it was made into a temple. Many residential homes in this neighborhood were built before 1930. In this part of Kent, you will surely feel the city's past and present converge.

Aside from the Kent Historical Museum grounds, the Mill Creek neighborhood also includes the Mill Creek Middle School, and some local favorites like the West Coast Awards & Athletics, and the Grandma Thai Restaurant.