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The Bremerton home inspector at PNW Home Inspections will help you protect your investment

Before buying a home, it's imperative that you protect your investment with help from an experienced Bremerton home inspector. A qualified Bremerton home inspection professional will determine the overall condition of the home, so that you don't make an ill advised purchase.

When you work with our Bremerton home inspection team, you don't have to worry about the integrity of your new home. Your PNW Bremerton home inspector will confirm the condition of critical home components including electrical wiring, foundation, plumbing, and the roof.

You hire a professional Bremerton home inspector for one reason – to protect your investment. This means they must be able to identify problems that could lead to expensive home repairs or cause buyer/seller negotiations to fail. Best of all, your Bremerton home inspection is fully guaranteed.

The Bremerton home inspection team at PNW understand this important role, so we protect your interests by backing up our work with a comprehensive array of customer protections. Keep reading below for more information, or contact our Bremerton home inspection office to schedule an appointment.

Comprehensive Bremerton home inspections that protect your investment

  • Our proprietary AirView™ Process uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure the integrity of
    your roof inspection.
  • Every home inspection includes a 90-day Warranty and 100% Money Back Guarantee .
  • Contact a professional Bremerton home inspector whether you're buying or selling.

We protect your investment by backing up the quality of our work

If you hire a reputable Bremerton home inspector, they should be willing to back up their work. Take a look at our comprehensive list of customer protections and see for yourself why we are the home inspection company of choice for so many Bremerton homeowners.

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • 90-day Inspection Warranty
  • 24 Hour Reporting
  • SewerGard (90-day protection)
  • MoldSafe (90-day protection)
  • AirView™ Roof Inspection
Our proprietary AirView™ Roof Inspection Process gives us your Bremerton home inspector and distinct edge over other inspection teams by using cutting edge tech to ensure the integrity of your home's roof. It's well known that roof problems often go unnoticed during Bremerton home inspections, which can cost you a fortune down the line.

Learn more about this process by contacting us to schedule your Bremerton home inspection today.

Bremerton Tidbits

Bremerton city is located in Kitsap County, Washington. According to the 2017 census, the city population had about 41,041 residents. Not many people know that 81.7% of homes in Bremerton are equipped with an internet connection. Moreover, the city reported a 94.6% computer use and 88.1% internet use. Seattle, the largest city in Washington, only has 93.8% computer use and 86.4% internet use.

Aside from high-speed internet, Bremerton is also known to be the biggest city on the Kitsap Peninsula. Bremerton is home to a U.S. Navy shipyard and a U.S. Navy base. In 1992, The Puget Sound Naval Shipyard was listed as one of the country's National Historic Landmarks. The recognition included its 64 contributing properties and 49 non- contributing resources.

The shipyard is also known as Bremerton Navy Yard, and it occupies 179 acres of vast lands. The shipyard was established in 1891, and ever since then, the U.S. Navy continues to utilize the area for constructing ships, such as submarines, tugboats, naval warships, and ammunition ships.

Meanwhile, the Naval Base Kitsap was just recently founded. In 2004, it came together when the Naval Station Bremerton with Naval Submarine Base Bangor joined forces. The naval base is the biggest naval institution in Navy Region Northwest, and the 3rd largest base in the country. The Naval Base Kitsap was awarded the Best Base in the U.S. Navy in 2005.

>From Bremerton, you can go to Downtown Seattle by riding a ferry. If you are bringing your car with you, it's best to ride the 60-minute ferry. If you are in a hurry, there's a 28-minute ferry, but it only carries a minimal number of passengers and bicycles.

Bremerton is divided into two by the Port Washington Narrows. The East Bremerton is located northeastern region of the narrows. On the opposite side, there's the Bremerton National Airport. Bremerton's southern border is just beside Mason County.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau report, Bremerton takes up around 28.41 square miles of land and 3.88 square miles of water. Before 2012, Bremerton belongs to 3 legislative districts. Now, the whole city is part of Washington's 6th congressional district.

By 1901, Bremerton was incorporated as a city, and A. L. Croxton was the first city mayor. Today, the city is governed by a 7-member council. Aside from that, Bremerton is tagged as a first-class city, meaning the city has a population over 10,000 residents at the time of incorporation.

There are 6 main neighborhoods in the city namely: Downtown, Manette, Charleston, Union Hill, Evergreen, and Haddon. Downtown is the busiest because of the ferry terminal and waterfront. In Downtown Bremerton, you can visit the historic center, boardwalk, and several history museums.

If you want entertainment, you can visit The Admiral Theatre. It is an art deco theater that is the city's notable venue for the city's live music gigs and concerts. This part of the city is also home to countless of coffeeshops, restaurants, and other places to eat.

After exploring the downtown area, head over to Manette. It is just across Downtown. Manette was added to Bremerton in 1918. The first bridge in the area was in 1930. Now, Manette Bridge gains the 4th spot out of 32 things to do in Bremerton. TripAdvisor's glowing positive reviews firmly placed the bridge up on a pedestal. Reviewers commented that it is a great place for family outings, and it offers a beautiful view of the city.